How To Remove Nasty Odors Like Urine or Sour Milk

Professionals or home owners get safe removal of sour milk odors and stains from carpets and upholstery including car seats and rugs.  Cooking spills and bathroom odors from urine or feces.  Sick rooms are treated for vomit, feces and urine odors.  Cat and dog problems are also easily removed.

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Now you can use the products made for professionals.  WINSOL Laboratories manufactures the odor control chemicals used by companies to safely and permanently eliminate odors in Crime Scene Clean-up, Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning and Fire & Flood Restoration work.

Pet odors may be your primary concern and we can help safely eliminate cat urine, dog urine odors, feces, vomit and remove any other pet odors from dogs, cats or any other family pets. There are many odor problems other than the family dog or cat so we offer the professional's choice to help you with sick rooms, food and beverage spills like sour milk, care for the elderly or any other situation that leaves you with urine, vomit or other body fluids that have left you with a cleaning and odor problem that you need to safely remove.

 TRIO PLUS - How To Stop Crying Over Spilled Milk  

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If your cow or your kids had a milk accident in the car or your
house carpet or upholstery then you know how annoying that sour spoiled milk odor can be. TRIO Plus will completely digest and remove all milk proteins and eliminate the source of odor once and for all.  For any milk, pet, house or car odors TRIO Plus can give you a home remedy for instant and lasting relief.

"For the last 2 weeks I have used one of your Winsol Products (Trio Plus). I truly thought that my house was ruined... we have twelve cats - that had sprayed indoors all winter long... we tried Fel a Way pheromones, we tried behavioral sprays, we tried other cat repellents and cleaners, None of them really worked and when the floors were mopped it smelled worse! I have used the Trio Plus spray on all surfaces and the smell is really gone... the cats live mostly out of doors now and we have a house that doesn't smell.
Please use this as a testimonial to the validity of your claims for this product."

Thank you,
Dr. Sara Denning
New York, NY

cat dog pets milk sour odor smells stinks urine removal controlTRIO PLUS is a ready-to-use synergized blend of adapted organisms that will help control the odors and stains caused by organic waste.  More effective than enzymes alone on human or pet waste, oil, grease and fats or proteins but still safe for your rugs, carpets or sofas.  Sure to give relief for your dog or cat urine odors.  Your best cure for fresh pet stains and odors whether from urine, feces or vomit also sewage backups and rest room odors.  TRIO PLUS will also provide cleaning and stain removal as it absorbs and eliminates the urine, milk, feces, vomit or any other organic odor problem.  This the best way to remove all pet accidents or any other urine or fecal deposits.  Say  good-bye to pet odors for good.  The perfect relief for sour milk spills in your car or the house as it will completely remove the milk proteins which will eliminate the sour milk smell and prevent it from returning in your rugs, carpets, couch or other upholstery.  Just saturate the affected area and leave it alone while the biologicals do all the work.

FREE HELP WITH YOUR ODOR PROBLEM sour milk urine seat car upholstery smell odor

Let us offer you a WINSOL exclusive just click here to go to our odor questionnaire, answer a few simple questions and we will custom tailor an odor controlling program for you.   Whether you have dogs, cats, other pets or less common odor concerns let us help.


Product Characteristics

Bacteria Specification: 200 billion/gal
Bacteria Type: Blend of Bacillus Spores
pH Range: 7.5 - 8.5
Appearance: No color added
Fragrance:    Fresh and pleasing
Stability: 2 years + at 35° to 95°F (2° - 35°C)


The effective temperature range for the use of TRIO is 50 - 105F



sour milk urine seat carpet smell remove TO ORDER TRIO PLUS

Gallon                    $23.45       
Case  (4 x 1 gals)     93.80       
Pails   (5 gals)         112.25       



The real secret to removing sour milk, urine or food odors is to understand the nature of the problem.  Liquid spills have penetrated the carpet, upholstery, drywall or any other porous surface.  That means no amount of scrubbing, spraying or sprinkling will remove something they can't reach or react with.  These are organic materials that can easily be removed with our genetically selected bacteria that quickly and safely eat the source of the odor instead of trying to ineffectively wash it away.  There is no 100% effective cleaning process even for materials that can easily be reached.  If the area remains damp after cleaning then you know that there is material left that will continue to cause odor problems.  Forget about sites that promise easy treatments with household products will offer you relief.  If pet odors were simply treated it would be common knowledge that would have been passed on by families over the last 10,000 years we have kept household pets.

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“The only cleaner that could get out the stain and stink from a bottle of milk spilled on the rug under my car seat…”
G.M.   Kansas

“Super product….instant relief from the urine odor caused by a new puppy…”
W.S.   California

“Exploding milk bottle caused an overpowering sour odor in our car seat and rug that we though we would never be able to remove but Trio taught us how to get relief where an enzyme cleaner failed…”
J.S.   Toronto, Canada

“Ordered your cleaner for a spilled milk odor in our car but it has also been a relief for urine odors in out children’s bathroom…”
B.Y.    Washington

“Getting rid of the cat urine odors has given us back a happy house…”
T.S.     New York

“Our new baby had left us with stains and odors from milk spills in his bed and on the sofa but Trio has shown us how to remove them completely…”
B.B.    Ohio

“Great product for spilled milk in our car on the seat and floor mat and also used it on wine stains on our carpet…”
C.D.    New York

“We had a bottle of chocolate milk spill on the rug under our car seat on the rug and mat and the smell was awful, TRIO was great!”
K.S.     California

“Moved into a house that had urine stains and a sour odor from 6 cats….Trio rocks!”
B.D.    Florida

“Leaky milk bottle in car and three days later had a sour milk odor under seats that was unbearable…Trio gave complete satisfaction.”
W.R.    Indiana

“Just to let you know we are amazed at how well Trio got rid of the stink in our car from a spilled bottle of milk….Thanks”
S.P.    Oregon

“Trio saved us from junking the family car due to the deadly stink from spilled milk under the seat…”
T.U.     Texas

Dog urine, cat urine, other pet odors, milk spills or rancid milk odor form cooing accident or vomit are odor problems that can be difficult for a cleaning professional or home owner.  Whether the problem is in your car, couch, carpet or anywhere else we can help you eliminate all types of urine, feces, vomit, milk, food or any other decomposition odors.  Remember while organic odors like urine, feces and sour milk may be the most unpleasant you face their cause is simple and so is the cure.  Home remedies won't work but professional products used properly in the home will.  Order today or use the help form above to eliminate all pet or human urine odors and rancid and sour food smells like those from milk quickly and easily.


TRIO Plus offers effective relief for:

Milk spills in your car, milk stains and odor in a sofa or carpet, rancid milk odors from vomit or baby formula, spoiled milk from cooking, ice cream or dairy products easily eliminated.

Pet odor, cat urine, dog urine, pet feces or vomit, pet urine in your house or car, urine stains in carpet or sofa removed.

How to remove human urine, feces or vomit, urine in sick rooms or incontinence at home.

Bathroom situations where urine, feces, vomit or sewer backup exists

Kitchen or restaurants where food, milk, milk byproducts, or milk spills have left a rancid, sour odor

Cars, trucks or RV's where food spills, milk stains, pet urine problems have arisen

Animal clinics where cat, dog or other pet urine and feces odors, or spilled milk, pet formulas and other milk odors occur.

Transportation agencies where dog, cat or other animals present urine and animal odors

Cribs or other baby areas where spoiled milk and milk spills, urine, feces, shit, piss, vomit or other sour odors are difficult to remove and permanently eliminate