green chemical free steam cleaning


Today's cleaning environment often calls for a "GREEN" extraction cleaner alternative.

Gentle, safe, effective cleaning without allergens, fragrances or harsh chemicals.

Mother Nature - shake hands with the 21st Century.


green steam cleaningEffective, green extraction cleaning doesn't come from removing harsh chemicals and ending up with a cleaner that doesn't do the job.

It was time to create a green steam extraction cleaner from scratch.

WINSOL Laboratories was ready for the challenge.

The job was to formulate a product that would not use fragrances, allergy inducing chemicals, preservatives, solvents, non-biodegradable additives or non-sustainable components.

What was once a small market for this type of cleaner has grown almost overnight.


There are many markets for commercial green extraction cleaners


Schools, retirement homes and offices offer large green extraction opportunities.


Smaller to medium size jobs are meeting halls, daycare centers and doctor's offices



WINSOL GREEN STEAM CLEANER is built upon the use of natural microbial action to provide the heavy cleaning and long term odor control that only this exciting new product can provide.  Concentrated natural bacteria much like those found in your digestive system provide both enzymatic action and bacterial digestion to boost cleaning and also continue to work deep below the surface to eliminate the source of odors as long as the carpet remains damp after the cleaning process.

green steam extraction cleaners

These natural actions release only water vapor and carbon dioxide into the air - the same as your breathing does.  So not only is the initial cleaning a green process but the drying process continues to clean and refresh without adding offensive or unhealthy odors or chemicals to the cleaning area.


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Gallons                       $32.90       
Case    (4x1 gallons)   131.60       
Pail      (5 gallons)       156.25       


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"I can now bid on government jobs and school districts that require a green, eco-friendly steam cleaner..."

Gary B. 

Santa Fe, NM


"Your no fragrance green extraction cleaner is great for me and my customers."

Wayne F.  

Chicago, IL


"...other biodegradable extraction cleaners that claimed to be green never worked..."

Lacy M.

Spokane, WA


"...been waiting years for a green extraction cleaner that was truly safe for the ecology..."

John H.

Laredo, TX


"I was amazed at this steam cleaners ability to help remove aged pet odors."

Larry B.

Arlington, VA


"...amazing a green steam cleaner that lets the bacteria do all the work instead of me, thanks."

Tom O.

Bellevue, WA


"A great steam cleaner for green cleaning on commercial as well as residential jobs."

Jason L

San Pedro, CA


"With Green Steam and your Power 9000 I now have an extraction cleaner for any job."

William C.

Portland, OR


"I landed a large suite of doctors offices now that I had a green steam cleaner for the job."

Jerry T.

Bellingham, WA


"I have a ton of referrals for green extraction cleaning of homes belonging to environmentalists."

Jesse P.

Portland, OR