Sure you get to run in and out of burning buildings all day and grab all the really good parking spots, but have you had any real fun lately?  Well we thought you might like to try some of the following links that are regularly updated and added to.  They are guaranteed to amuse, confuse, educate and enlighten (but not necessarily in that order).  If you find a couple of places you find interesting pass the word along to a friend that could use a smile.  Enjoy.

        Drum Set
        - Turn your keyboard into a drum and sound effects machine.

        - Real time stats on many, many things.

        Penn and Teller
        - Learn some neat magic tricks and witness some amazingly weird behavior.

        Dinosauria Online
        - If you got a kid who's crazy about dinosaurs take them here.

        Astronomy Picture of the Day
        - New color photo of the cosmos every day.

        Talking Pets
        - Send a talking pet message to a friend.

        World Wide Collectors Digest
        - Whatever you collect or would like to collect this is the place to start.

        Tongue Twisters
        - Is it necessary to have a large page devoted to phrases guaranteed to tangle the
          tongue?  You decide.  (try saying "black bug blood" 3 times)

        - Send and email to your future you.

       How Things Work
      - Why does colored soap make white foam and other mysteries explained

Please keep coming back for "interesting" new sites to visit.