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cleaning and removal bird droppingsBirds, birds, birds!

Are you looking for a simple, easy, economical, safe yet incredibly powerful way to eliminate their droppings?  We can now offer you a completely green formula that will clean away bird waste without the use of any chemicals to disrupt the ecology or break any local ordinances.

A simple pre-spray with our exclusive blend of over one trillion biological ingesters will break down, liquefy and actually consume bird droppings that can then be removed with only a simple rinsing.

Improves Appearance,

restores natural beauty

Cuts the risk of air-borne pollutants from dried bird waste

cleaning is easier



Cuts the risk of air-borne pollutants from dried bird waste

Dirty Bird will help create a safe environment for your business or family including pets and plants.  Safe to use anywhere bird droppings and waste have become an eyesore or hazard to the people living or working there.  Containing water and micro-bacteria Dirty Bird is safe for any fabric or surface that can accept water.





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    Recommended For:

             Roofs and Gutters Cleaner    Vinyl Awnings             Shopping Malls

         Stadium Seating Cleaner       Crawl Spaces               Dumpster Areas

         Loading Docks                     Commercial Ferries      Under Power Lines

         Boat Cover Cleaner              Auto Finishes               Party Tents and Canopies

         Parking Garages                   Amusement Parks        Statuary Cleaner                                                               



Formulated in Compliance With


                          Phosphate Free                                  pH Neutral                        Biodegradable Surfactants

                     No Heavy Metals                                Chlorine Free                   100% All Natural Biologicals 

                     Low VOCs                                          Phenol Free                      Petroleum Distillate Free 

                     High Concentrate Formulas               Carcinogen Free               Recyclable Containers and Labeling




clean up cleaners bird droppings
ct Characteristics

Bacteria Specification:   Over 1 Trillion per gallon

Bacteria Type:                 Blend of Bacillus Spores
pH Range:                        7.5 - 8.5
Appearance:                    No color added
Fragrance:                       No fragrance added
Shelf life:                         2 years+ at 35 to 95F (2 - 35C)


The effective temperature range for the use of DIRTY BIRD is 50 - 105F

Mix 1 part of DIRTY BIRD with 4 parts of water and spray liberally on affected areas.  Allow to dwell for at least 20 minutes and then scrub off or spray away with a hose or power washer.  Coverage should be 1000 - 1500 Sq Ft




Single gallon  10 lbs.
4 gallon case  38 lbs.
5 gallon pail  47 lbs.
55 gallon drum 500 lbs      


Professional Discounts & Quantity Discounts available
Dealer Inquiries Welcome



Gallon                        $62.45        
Case (4 x 1 gallons)    249.80       
Pail  (5 gallons)           297.25       


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Helps reduce damage and color loss

Helps reduce damage and color loss



I was amazed at how easily it was to remove years of bird waste droppings.

     Dave S. Upland, CA


No more smelly, ugly piles of bird waste on our roof and wooden deck thanks to your fantastic cleaner.

    Marshall T.  El Paso, TX


All of my neighboring businesses have asked how I was able to remove the stains of bird droppings on my store front.

    Janice R.   West Palm Beach, FL


Bird crap is a thing of the past after trying your cleaner.

    Wayne G.  Port Orchard, WA


We have added bird waste removal to our house and gutter cleaning business.

    James C.   Hemet, CA


My cleaning job is easier than I could have imagined now that I have found your cleaner for bird waste stains.

   Jerry L.   Metairie, LA


Thank you so much for this simple relief to our bird stain problems.

   Julie M.   Monona, WI


Quick and easy cleaning of bird droppings and odor removal, thanks

  Mike N.    Los Angeles, CA


Made cleaning up the bird droppings and removing the bad odor a snap.

  Alex R.  NYC, NY


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