Citrus Based Presoak & Hard Stain Remover 
Don’t Allow Stains Produced in One Fire to Create the Next Fire
Most of your stains were produced during a fire incident, most of those stains could combust during the next incident. The buildup of stains, greases and tars on turnouts increases the potential for combustibility and heat exhaustion to the firefighter wearing that gear.
WINSOL TURNOUT SPOTTER, a potent citrus cleaner with emulsifiers and degreasers, is designed to provide the professional firefighter an equally professional tool to help remove the most difficult stains that detract from his/her turnouts and could potentially lead to injury.
WINSOL TURNOUT SPOTTER is easy to use, spray directly on stains before laundering, soak in a dilute solution prior to cleaning, or brush in for simple spotting. Use on any part of any turnout shell, any fabric, leather and reflectors to loosen and remove all combustible stains and residues.
Until now, fire and smoke borne soils and soot have been difficult and time consuming to remove. Now, a simple soak in TURNOUT SPOTTER solves all your  problems. Fire and smoke borne soils, soot and tars tenaciously attach themselves to the firefighter’s gear, and if not removed, can become dangerous sources of combustion. Until now, complete and safe removal of these combustibles have been a difficult and tedious task. With WINSOL TURNOUT SPOTTER, you can safely remove these hazards in just a matter of minutes, just
by soaking.

TYPE                                     Citrus Solvent Blend

COLOR                                 Pale Yellow

FRAGRANCE                         Orange

WEIGHT PER GALLON            7.5 Lbs.

FREEZING POINT                    <0 F.

FLASH POINT                        145 F. in concentrate

pH                                         6.3

SOLUBILITY IN WATER           Miscible      

WINSOL TURNOUT SPOTTER helps the professional firefighter remove potentially dangerous residues and combustible carbon deposits from turnouts, gloves and equipment. It’s easy to use and fast acting  and well worth the effort to eliminate the extra risk of turnout combustion during a fire. Try it for your safety.

Read entire label and OSHA (or Canadian WHMIS) Material Safety Data Sheet before using this or any chemistry.

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