Durable Moisture and Stain Repellent

All modern turnout gear has a water proofing agent applied during the manufacturing process. FIRELINE WINSOL GUARD 690 PLUS WATER REPELLENT replaces that water proofing lost to wear or washing. If these repellents are not replaced frequently, fire fighters may become wet faster risking increased stress, possible hypothermia and steam burn injuries.
Treated fabrics retain their breatheability and fire resistance characteristics. In addition, FIRELINE WINSOL GUARD 690 PLUS helps to reduce absorption of potentially hazardous and/or toxic materials as well as potentially combustible stains and soils which may build-up on the gear.
Post fire cleaning will be much easier because the adhesion of hydrocarbon and soil build-ups are greatly reduced.
FIRELINE WINSOL GUARD 690 PLUS is available in easy to use, non-polluting, convenient gallons and 5 gallon pails.

“Easy to apply, durable water proofing”
WINSOL GUARD 690 PLUS is not just for turnouts. It may safely be used on uniforms, jump suits and fabric rain coats to provide a durable water and stain resistance. Future cleaning and laundering is a snap.

FIRELINE WINSOL GUARD 690 PLUS MOISTURE AND STAIN REPELLENT is a select blend of copolymers in an ozone safe solvent blend. For best results, use a pressurized sprayer and spray in a slightly overlapping pattern to assure complete coverage. For real value for your clients, use WINSOL GUARD 690 plus.

Read entire label and OSHA (or Canadian WHMIS) Material Safety Data Sheet before using this or any Chemistry.

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