Professional Fire Fighter’s
Training Foam Concentrate


Training in a wide variety of emergency situations is essential for effective results from a professional fire fighter. With today’s ever tighter budgets, it is more important to stretch that training dollar. WINSOL 3% Training Foam is designed to provide all the handling characteristics of standard film forming foams at just a fraction of the cost!

Train more fire fighters per session with longer hands-on practical use as both a protein style foam (3%) and as a AFFF style foam (1%) with just a turn of the proportioner.
Safe for equipment, turnouts and the environment. 98 - 100% degradation in 3-5 days by the Methylene Blue Active Substances (MBAS) test and 28 days by evolution tests. Successful Aquatic Toxicity tests have been conducted on goldfish, brown trout, rainbow trout, bluegill, fathead minnow, carp, white tilapia and guppy, among others.

“Designed to resemble both Protein Foam and AFFF”
Train more fire fighters on more types of fires requiring both protein and AFFF style foams. Give them the realistic “feel” of the real thing! Then restart the fire pit and train all over again!  Safe for the fire fighter, for expensive equipment and vehicles, and for the environment, WINSOL 3% Training Foam is a valuable and effective training tool.

WINSOL 3% Training Foam is THE economical tool for training Fire Fighters in the techniques of controlling fires with aqueous foam. Replaces expired AFFF for training. Restarts quickly for rapid and efficient instruction without costly delays or expensive degradation tanks.

Read entire label and OSHA (or Canadian WHMIS) Material Safety Data Sheet before using this or any Chemistry.

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