Reduce Hazards - Eliminate Cross-Contamination
Specialized hazardous material handling clothing (HazMat Suit) is the primary barrier between the environmental technician and a potentially dangerous environment. The potential of being contaminated with a wide variety of toxins, bio-hazards, carcinogens or other hazardous materials is very high when responding to an accident or fire.
WINSOL’s HAZMAT PROTECTIVE CLOTHING DECONTAMINATION CLEANER was designed for the gross decontamination needs of modern hazardous material handling personnel. The specialized sequestriants and chelates will strip most chemical and particulate residues easily from the surface and hold them in suspension to be easily rinsed away.
WINSOL’s HAZMAT CLEANER has been designed and tested to provide the optimum cleaning and rinsing properties to bear on hazardous materials handling suits and equipment.
“Clean when it really counts”
WINSOL HAZMAT DECONTAMINATION CLEANER may be used on any washable fabric to dislodge and remove soils, particulate contaminates and residues on sight and before removing gear to help prevent cross contaminating personnel or other clothing. Always re-examine, inspect and test any clothing or HazMat suits before reuse to assure safety.

HazMat Decontamination Cleaner is safe and effective when used according to manufacturer’s instructions supplied with the product. It is strongly recommended that hazardous material handling equipment and clothing  be inspected and analyzed before reuse to assure operator safety.
Read entire label and OSHA (or Canadian WHMIS) Material Safety Data Sheet before using this or any chemistry.

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